Stranger #10, France got talent - Paris

From the album Triptychs of Strangers

Story about this shot Place de la République: He was crossing the street and I recognized him because of his all blue outfit. I had the feeling he was really absorbed into listening to music. He was fast, but I caught him at a street corner. In situations like this I recommend not to talk to strangers from the side - try to stand in their way. My first goal is always to make them "Stop'n Chat" instead of "Walk'n Greet" ;-)

About this stranger I had no specific idea in mind this was very spontaneous. And frankly I know little about him, he could barely speak english and therefore the conversation was difficult. I didn´t came up to my mind to switch to french, because he really tried to talk to me. So ended up throwing words at each other and gesticulating. It worked!

Oh, about him .. He name is Kiniau. He is 26 old, straight and lives in Paris. Music is one of the most important part in his life - favorite genres are RNB, Rap, Dancehall and Reggae. He also plays in a band, and hopes for a breakthrough.

I made 14 triptychs so far, but this portrait carries the most personality. I asked him to be himself … and the way he is standing there is as much Kiniau you might get. I leave the interpretations to you …