Stranger #6 (Part II): The way too honest Parisian, Montmartre - Paris

From the album Triptychs of Strangers

And suddenly there had to be color.

About this shot After being turned down for the first time - I met this stranger. My learnings from the attempt before: You should never ask a stranger if he or she could spare five minutes ……. especially if it's raining heavily.

I met him early on that saturday. He told me that he was in fact very exhausted from partying, but still he was totally in this thing.

About this stranger Meet Pierre - actually: meet Pierre again. He is 25 years old and lives in Paris and studies at a "business school". His relationship status is … "Äääh" … "Complicated?" - "Yes!" And his sexual orientation "Straight/Gay?" - "Gay!". Needless to say knowdays (?), but thanks for being so open.

He loves movies - one of his favorite movies is One Night at the Roxbury

He didn't know what to do with the hands, so I asked him about the content of his pockets > iPhone. Then I asked him about his favorite song or anything else that comes up to his mind > :-)

Very cool guy - it was so much fun talking to him