Triptychs of Strangers #10, The Photographer - Paris

From the album Triptychs of Strangers

About this series I am still amazed by the feedback. A special thanks goes out to YOU and your encouraging comments, emails and faves.

This will be the last stranger of this first run. I will start working on "édition du printemps" in two weeks.

About this shot This happened shortly after Paulo - The prevented Smoker. She was watching me taking shots in very odd positions: lying and kneeling … As a stranger she will go down in history, because she is in fact the first and probably only model ever that kind of invited herself

About this stranger Meet Coline from … yeah … Paris. She is 55 years old and one of us! She is a photographer but I think can none of us can match up with her abstract style. I really like this video but you can also check out her Blog, Tumblr or Twitter Twitter. Someone seems to be very involved here … If you browse this you may a) understand how much she is into photography and b) why she was really curios about he things i was doing there with Paulo.

She told me that she should drink less coffee, but "what can you do if your are in love". Talking about … Coline is a single for 5 years now - and is somehow glad to live a life of piece and silence. Sexual orientation? … was answered with "Ohlalala …. i love animals" I bet cats …

Maccaroni, Ingmar Bergman and Miles Davis make her complete.