Triptychs of Strangers #11, The Hungry Typograph

From the album Triptychs of Strangers

About this series and me feeling like nun Haven't seen it coming so quick, but this saturday I took the fight for new stranger out to the streets. I was really in the mood to continue this series. Even though I haven't asked a stranger to take his or her picture for almost 5 weeks now. You might remember: Back in those days I was a whore when it comes to street photography, during the last weeks I felt like a nun. Saturday I worked up my courage and started over …

About this shot This was the last shot of three stranger shots that day. I had the idea of this shot a couple of weeks ago when I was at the fleamarket with some friends. I saw him sitting on a bench enjoying his meal. He was eating french fries and curry sausage - a very famous dish over here.

About this stranger Meet Vassili … a name I heard for the first time in a german telenovela called "Lindenstrasse" … he has a greek background, grown up in Rüsselsheim and now lives in Hamburg. Vassili is 28 years old and studies graphic design (focus on typography) … I won`t go too much into details, but we had a kinda nerdy talk about typefaces … but one of his classic favorites is Bodoni

... He's into music - he used to be a dj - mainly electro and new wave. We found out that we share our appreciation to group called Chromeo. I used a song by them as a soundtrack before - see here. His favorite song is "Needy Girl". Once you have seen the video, you might probably understand why I actually knew he likes them before even telling me ;-)

-- --- sets Hamburg, Triptychs of Strangers or 25mm augen bank bench black blackandwhite bokeh brille brücke buttons bw chromeo cutted f0.95 hamburg mann olympus pen portrait porträt rad schanze schuhe schwarz schwarzweiss shoes stranger sw tire triptych triptychon voigtlaender voigtländer weiss white