Triptychs of Strangers #12, The Player - Hamburg

From the album Triptychs of Strangers

About this shot First stranger I asked that saturday. It was in fact kinda hard to convince him … he could believe I actually mean this serious. In these kind of situations I choose give some more priority to his story in the beginning … I normally do this during the shoot but mainly after.

I recognized this stranger because if his remarkable (hair and boots) style.

About this stranger Meet Gökhan … who is 22 years old and lives in Wilhelmsburg - a suburb in Hamburg. He was about to meet his cousins and friends somewhere around a trendy mile we call "Schanze".

Gökhan loves fashion. "But unfortunately I work as a supervisor for machinists - I'd rather be part of the fashion industry". Gökhan loves girls. The emphasis is on girls, not one girl, but girls. "Are you a Player" - "Yes" - "Can I write that?" - "Sure, you can"

Gökhan is openly a player.

As it might be part of a player lifestyle, he likes to party a lot. You might see him on any big hiphop or house party in our city.

He also plays soccer in a team called Panteras Negras (he probably can't deny the resemblance to a famous soccer player from portugal.

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